September 26, 2013

A life; you should know.

Thought you should know; I have a life to live for. I am not a kind of a robot you can ask me to everything for you. It is just, a big no for me. I have a life; so do you. So do everyone in this world; including hobos. Even they are just a scrounger for a living; they are still having a life. You can't judge everyone in this world without looking into their soul, into what had happened to them. You just can't. 

This is what had happened in my school, last evening. When I was at the canteen, I was eating while talking to my best friends. I was enjoying my meal until I saw group of girls staring at two girls. They were actually staring extremely severe at those girls. I felt bad for them because those two girls are included among the persons who are in 'special' category. They can't talk nor hear. They were talking using only a pair of hands. 

I was amazed at the first sight. But in the same time, I have to save them from the bad girls before anything could happened. Surprisingly I did nothing. All I was do is; do nothing but continuing my meal and have a conversation with my friends. I pretended; like there was nothing happened in front of me. I saw nothing. I was too afraid, yet I am a coward.

I am sorry girls, I couldn't do nothing. I was too afraid to handle this situation like this. I haven't been in this situation before. I am truly sorry. 

But thank god, they did nothing to those two unlucky girls. I sigh relief. 

Take my advise; respect other's life, they will respect yours too.

Love, Ezniff. xx